Positive Pathways is developing a mentoring program providing an individual support system for women. Mentoring is a collaborative learning relationship between individuals who share mutual responsibility and accountability for helping the mentee work toward the fulfilment of clear and mutually defined learning goals. Mentoring is used to assist individuals at specific stages of development or transition and will assist people to make positive long-term choices.

The Positive Pathways Mentoring program for women will provide an ongoing opportunity to develop, refine and expand one’s skills and knowledge in a structured and safe environment. It will recognise personal growing expertise and result in increase self-confidence. The mentoring program will assist women recover, prepare and support them to re-enter the community, increase life skills, access training, education opportunities and the workforce.

Individual Coaching

Positive Pathways offer one on one coaching appointments for women. This service enables clients to be introduced to the program, ensure the client is accessing available and appropriate services and to assist women with personal or professional goals. Individual Coaching may involve inter-agency case management to provide holistic support.

Please contact us for further information on this service.