The training calendar has been developed to enhance the skills and resilience for women who have experienced or are at risk of family and domestic violence, mental health, homelessness or any other crisis in their lives. Utilising a strengths-based approach, the workshops aim to empower women on their path to recovery and independence and to assist in improving their quality of life. Held at our Willetton premises the programs are facilitated in a nurturing and safe environment. All workshops are free and suitable for all women.

We are able to tailor and facilitate the workshops for agencies. Our training room which seats a maximum of 24 is available to hire to external organisations.

More information regarding available workshops can be found on our events page. To register or refer to a workshop please complete Positive Pathways Referral Form_2017

Do not hesitate to contact us via email or via phone 0413 938 392.

Here is a list of our current courses available until June 2017.

Self Esteem and Self Confidence

5 week course

This course will uncover and help you develop into the woman you want to be. Discover that a healthy amount of self-liking and self-approval is necessary, if you have the confidence to meet life’s challenges and participate as fully as we wish to in whatever makes life enjoyable and rewarding for us. Come along and learn about these two close friends and discover the you that you want to be.

The course will cover:

  • What is self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • What we think! we become.
  • Our values.
  • How to boost our self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Respecting your body and mind.
  • Happiness, what lies ahead.

Weekly guest speakers and weekly activities including free haircut, make up lesson, craft, women’s health and career support.

This program includes support and referrals to other services and available use of client computer and resource station.

Great course, I felt comfortable and accepted

I love the women who I have met. They have inspired me”

“The presenters were very supportive and understanding”

“I enjoyed meeting new people”

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Assertive Communication

4 week course

Assertive communication is an important aspect of maintaining and developing healthy relationships. It can be defined as the direct and honest communication of your needs in a way that acknowledges and respects others.

This workshop has been designed to provide women with the foundation of skills and knowledge to empower them to become confident communicators. This workshop will run on concurrent days as two half days.

The workshop will cover:

  • What is Assertive Communication.
  • The difference between Passive, Aggressive and Assertive Communication.
  • Myths about being Assertive.
  • How we learn to be unassertive.
  • The benefits of using Assertive Communication.
  • Self-Evaluation on Assertiveness.
  • The Importance of listening for Effective Communication.
  • Assertive Communication Techniques.
  • The Win-Win Approach.
  • Using Assertive Communication when having Difficult Conversations.
  • Learning to say ‘No’.
  • Avoiding Conflict.
  • Dealing with Criticism, Disappointments & Compliments.
  • Action Plan.

What women have said they have learnt about themselves in the workshop:

“To be more patient and learn to be assertive, more confident and respect myself more”

“To be more positive and have less doubt within myself. I know I can achieve what I thought was impossible”

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Finance Workshop – Jacaranda

Four Week course

This four week workshop, delivered by an experience Financial Counsellor from Jacaranda Community Centre, explores factors that could be holding you back financially and impacting on your independence or wellbeing.

Learn practical skills on budgeting, what support services are available and how to address potential barriers. Content will be followed by a holistic activity.

“Loved the friendly warm environment, there is help out there, thank you”

“This was a very inspirational and motivational seminar and has given me more courage and sense of independence”

“The presenter was fantastic, bubbly and talked us through everything and clarified parts where we were uncertain. The course was extremely helpful and broadened the knowledge of resources available”

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What is Trauma

Half day workshop

Many women have been traumatised and may not realise the impact that trauma may be having on their lives. At the very core of trauma is the feeling of disempowerment, feeling like you have lost control of yourself and the world around you.

Within this workshop we work from a foundation of trauma informed practice and you will be provided with information on understanding trauma, the effect and risks as well as hot to get the help and support required to find individual strengths, to heal and move forward.

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Women’s Wellness

One day course

The wellness workshop is to provide women in the community with education and information on local services to become responsible for their own health and wellness on all levels. This workshop emphasises the importance of a healthy body and mind giving women practical skills to make changes to improve their wellness and make informed choices.

The workshop will cover:

  • Physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Reducing physical tension
  • Sleep
  • Counselling
  • Women’s health services-breast screen, sexual health, PAP smears etc. information and referral options.

This workshop will include guest speakers from various available services in the community.

“Lots of fun and information, I need to look after me and put my health first”

“it’s exciting to get together with other people and help each other to learn and grow”

“Coming together with positive, motivated and encouraging presenters and other ladies who are in an upward path to improvement and growth”

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Job and TAFE Readiness

One day course

Do you need some information and assistance to make a career or education plan? You may have been out of the work force for some time or are looking for a change in career direction. We will provide the foundation information to support your search and apply for jobs and training opportunities. You will be provided with essential information that may assist you with the chosen direction of employment and education areas of your life.

The workshop will cover:

  • How to job search
  • Support agencies to assist with employment
  • How to apply for jobs and training
  • Resume development ∞ Covering letter templates
  • Interview skills
  • How to look the part
  • This workshop will include guest speakers from various available services in the community.

“I feel so much more confident now about applying for jobs, the USB with resume and cover letter templates are so helpful. I gained some great skills today”

“I got to ask lots of questions, I still have room to improve but I am getting there, the day was friendly and informative”

“It was extremely enjoyable and the presenter was very interesting and approachable”

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Parenting Workshops (presented by Di Wilcox)

One day course – Three workshops

Making Connections – Parents will be given strategies and tips for creating strong connections between mother and children of all ages. Come and learn practical and fun ways to let your child know you love and care for them and that the bond between you can never be broken.

Disciplining with Love – Learn simple and effective strategies for disciplining your child in a way that still shows love and care for your child. Di will help you understand how to set boundaries to create harmony in your household.

Creating Routines – Learn how to create family, daily and weekly routines to ensure a more harmonious household. You will take away your own weekly family timetable and ideas to ensure the whole family gets involved.


Magic Coat

One day course

An interactive and fun mother and children workshop delivered by Di Wilcox.

These workshops are proudly sponsored by Make a Difference WA.

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Building Resilience: Centre Care

Eight week course

One in three women will experience family/domestic violence. This can have a huge impact on all aspects of the woman’s life. This eight week course is for women who are experiencing family violence or who are at risk of being unsafe in the family environment.

This workshop will focus on your safety and wellbeing. It will provide you with the knowledge of what support is available and the importance of information sharing.

Clients will be contacted prior to the commencement of the workshop for a client assessment.

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Keeping Safe: WA Police

Four week  course

This new four week workshop is for women, who are experiencing family and domestic violence, or who are at risk of being unsafe in the family environment. The focus will be on personal safety and empowerment for women and their children and will incorporate self-defence information and practice.

General information on power and control within family and domestic violence will be provided and guest speakers from various service, including Women’s Law Centre WA, Safe at Home and the WA Police, will give you information on what rights you have and which services you can access to keep safe.

These workshops are proudly sponsored by the WA Police.WA-Police_Logo


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