You can support the Positive Pathways Program and Zonta House Refuge Association Inc through monetary or in-kind donations.


In 2011 Zonta House Refuge Association Inc established the Buff Denny Trust to harness the goodwill and charitable spirit of our supporters to provide funding for our programs, in particular our Positive Pathways programs. Positive Pathways  is reliant on donations and sponsorships from individuals and organisations. Donations are applied to support our Positive Pathways programs and to further develop services and programs to meet our client and community needs.

The Buff Denny Trust is named in recognition of one of our major supporters, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, also known as Buff Denny. Buff Denny’s many achievements include: a Board member of the first refuge in Perth; the first civil engineer in the British Army; a member of the ambulance corps in World War 2; played cricket for England; played squash for Kenya in the Commonwealth Games; the author of two books and;  the recipient of many awards. We are very proud and privileged to have her support.

The Buff Denny Trust is managed by a trustee, Women’s Outreach Services Pty Ltd, whose Board comprises members of the Board of the Zonta House Women’s Refuge Inc. It is a funding body focused on the collection and disbursement of funds for the benefit of our programs.

The Buff Denny Trust is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) by the Australian Taxation Office, so donations of $2 or over are tax deductible.  ABN 26 648 656 992

Donations and proceeds from fundraising can be made at any time by filling in the form below. We will issue a receipt for all donations.

In-Kind Support

Individuals and organisations can support our ongoing operations and offerings with in kind support such as:

  • Legal aid to clients
  • Auditing services
  • Organisational change and development
  • Website and IT upgrade and maintenance
  • Social media campaigns


Clothing items, toiletries, Please note although we only accommodate women over the age of 18.  we do not accept children’s clothes, toys and books however if we do receive them we ensure that the items are passed on to other refuges accommodating children.


One of the most meaningful and effective ways to support women and their families in the future is to plan a gift to Zonta House as part of your overall estate and financial plans. Any donation small or large is useful to the ongoing running and development of Zonta House and the women and families we support. If you would like to leave a bequest for Zonta House Refuge Association Inc in your Will please contact us for more information.

How to Donate

You can donate today by visiting our donations page on our Zonta House Refuge Website here and become a part of our Zonta family.