Positive Pathways Mentoring Program Pilot

Thanks to the Department of the Attorney General and 100 Women, Zonta House Refuge Association is seeking to pilot a Mentoring Program for women in our services. Please see the for further information and how to apply. Applications are due by close of business Wednesday the 25th of November. Please contact Jayde Robinson-Clancy for any queries via email admin@positivepathways.org.au or phone 08 6189 2953.

Expression of Interest Mentoring Program November 2015

The Funding Network Upcoming Perth Event

We are very excited to have been selected to pitch at The Funding Network’s next event on Sept 3. TFN stages live collective-giving events in support of grassroots non-profits like us and we will be presenting our work to a room full of people interested in supporting social change. The whole evening is themed around support for Women and Girls in WA and overseas. Please register and come along to support our work via this link.   https://www.thefundingnetwork.com.au/events/upcoming-events-list/perth-thursday-3-september/

Positive Pathways Funding

Positive Pathways are the recipients of a $100,000 grant from the Estate of the Late Harry Leslie Howden Bequest Trust. This generous grant has been rewarded through the Perpetual 2015 Impact Philanthropy Application Program. We are so pleased to be a recipient of this program which supports hundreds of charities around Australia per year. This grant enables the continued delivery of Positive Pathways for the remainder of 2015 whilst we seek ongoing partnerships and alternate funding sources into the future. We greatly appreciate and would like to acknowledge the investment from the Estate of the Late Harry Leslie Howden Bequest Trust for women and their families who have experienced such trauma in their lives.